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Networking SmARTS

There is a letter printed in Art in America May 2008, in “Letters” under the subject Kaprow’s Hansa Connection.  It’s about Happenings artist, Alan Kaprow (1927 – 2006) and the artists’ co-op, known as the Hansa Gallery. Ivan Karp ends the letter with

            “In 1961, while I was working with Leo Castelli. (Leo Castelli Gallery est. 1939) Kaprow asked me if I would look at the “curious” paintings of one of his colleagues at Douglass College, a certain Roy Lichtenstein.  I received the artist the following day.”

Lichtenstein was teaching and almost forty at that time.

The letter reminds us of the value of our relationships, the significance of the practice of networking.

Networking SmARTS demand that we constantly and consistently look and discern; that we make and maintain connections among people and skill sets; that we listen to goals and plans and vision and that we appreciate that there is room for growth.

Networking opportunities abound in McHenry County.  Consider taking an art class in your area, check naac’s summer schedule for classes at the Lakeside Legacy Arts Park, River Art Studio and Gallery or Woodstock Music and Art Center.   Stop by a naac open board meeting, exhibit reception or First Fridays at the Lakeside Legacy.  The region offers plenty of fairs and festivals this summer, watch naac’s calendar for details.    Frequenting events such as these will bring you pleasure, allow you to meet new people, and help you gain networking SmARTS.

 “Sailboats” by Roy Lichtenstein (1923 – 1997) is scheduled to be sold in New York on May 14.  The auction house handling the sale estimates the painting will bring $6,000,000 to $8,000,000.  Want more info on Roy Lichtenstein’s ?  See Gagosian.com.

Lynn Carlson is a former naac board member, art appraiser and continuing contributor to ArtBEAT.



ArtBEAT, A Northwest Area Arts Council Publication

publication date summer 08


Lynn Carlson, M.A., M.S.

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